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Currently Director of Visual Communications. Art Director, Senior Visual Artist. Rapid visualization prototyping and fast concept development. Progressive designer and early software/technology adopter. Fine Art background with insatiable consumption of Augmented Reality, 3D, UI/UX and all manner of design.  Get it done attitude. Improvise, adapt, overcome philosophy.  

Software used: 

Adobe CC • Photoshop • Premiere • After Effects • Illustrator • InDesign • Autodesk Maya • Sketchup • Unity • ProTools •  Studio One • Mental Ray •  Intuiface • Various CMS Platforms • Sublime Text • EU4


Graphic Design • Front End Responsive Web Design (HTML, CSS, jQuery) • 3D Modeling and Rendering • Compositing • Sound Engineering • Hand Drawing & Painting (Wacom or Traditional Media) • Photography •  Interactive Design & Simulation • Augmented Reality

Anything new and upcoming Tech related and digital interactions • Surfing/Paddleboarding/Skating • Multi instrumentalist  • Large format 3D printing • Adventuring the World • 

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